The Time after Pentecost / Ordinary Time – Hymns and Songs – 57.1

These hymns and songs are appropriate for use throughout the time after Pentecost and may be repeated from week to week.

Congregational Song for the Time after Pentecost

A change in liturgical seasons creates opportunities to use congregational responses unique to the season or to repeat responses set to new and different music. Following are suggestions for use during the Time after Pentecost.

Confession and Lament, Pardon, Peace

Consider using these hymns and songs to support the spoken liturgy and liturgical actions around moments of Confession and Lament, Pardon, and Passing of the Peace.

Come to Me

  • We Walk His Way, John Bell, We Walk His Way, GIA
  • Gloria GTG 582, 583, 584, 585

Glory and Gratitude and Praise

  • Come, All You People GTG 388
  • I Will Do a New Thing AAHH 568
  • I Will Trust in the Lord AAHH 391
  • Know That God Is Good GTG 659
  • Kyrie GTG 575, 576, 577, 578, 579
  • Peace of God Be with You GTG 448
  • Praise to God the Father/Da n’ase GTG 605
  • Rain Down GTG 48

The Peace of the Earth Be with You

  • There Is One among Us, John Bell, There Is One among Us, GIA
  • The Steadfast Love of the Lord GTG 59
  • We Are Forgiven GTG 447


Consider using these hymns and songs to support the spoken liturgy and liturgical actions around the offering of our gifts and ourselves to the glory of God.

  • Give Thanks GTG 647; SSS 489
  • Go with Us, Lord GTG 748
  • God, Fill Our Lives, John Bell, We Walk His Way, GIA
  • God, We Honor You GTG 709
  • Gracias, Señor/We Give You Thanks SSS 491
  • Gracias/Thank You SSS 490
  • Thank You, Lord AAHH 531; SSS 496
  • Thankful Hearts and Voices Raise GTG 648
  • Todo lo que tengo/All We Have and All We Are (refrain; stanzas varied) SSS 642
  • We Give Thanks unto You (congregation on response, stanzas varied) GTG 75
  • We Lift Our Voices/We Are an Offering GTG 710
  • What Does the Lord Require of You? GTG 70

Anthems for Children’s Choirs for the Time after Pentecost

    Ordinary Time

    • “Amazing Grace,” Stephen Hatfield, HAL, 3 pt, C inst (A)
    • “Cantate Domino,” Michael Bedford, CGA, uni/ 2 pt, pno (M)
    • “Dona Nobis Pacem,” Mary Lynn Lightfoot, HMP, 2 pt (MA)
    • “Everywhere I Go,” Natalie Sleeth, CGA, uni/ 2 pt, pno (E)
    • “God Alone,” Randy Cox and Kris Crunk, CGA, 2 pt, pno (MA)
    • “God Be in My Head,” Julia Simon, AF, 2 pt, pno (M)
    • “God Is Here!” Helen Kemp, CGA, uni, pno, opt org, cong (ME)
    • “I Can Do All Things,” Mark Burrows, CGA, uni/ 2 pt, pno, opt tamb (M)
    • “Jubilate!” Carolee R. Curtright, CGA, 2 pt, pno (MA)
    • “O Worship the King,” Michael Helman, CGA, uni/ 2 pt, org, opt tpt (ME)
    • “Psalm 98,” Jane Marshall, CGA, uni, pno (E)
    • “Psalm 145,” David W. Music, CGA, 2 pt, pno (MA)
    • “Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us,” Hal Hopson, MSM, uni/ 2 pt, pno, opt fl (ME)
    • “Sing for Joy and Clap Your Hands!” Cristi Cary Miller, HAL, 3 pt, pno (A)
    • “Sing When the Spirit Says Sing,” Katy Strand, CGA, 2 pt, pno (M)
    • “Tunaomba Mungu Atawale,” John R. Paradowski, CGA, uni pno, opt SATB, perc (M)
    • “Your Little Ones, Dear Lord, Are We,” Jacob B. Weber, CGA, 3 pt, pno (MA)

    Reformation Day

    • “A Mighty Fortress,” Ken Berg, CGA, uni, pno (ME)

    Thanksgiving Day

    • “A Psalm of Thanksgiving,” Timothy Shaw, CGA, uni/ 2 pt, pno (M)
    • “So Much We Have,” John D. Horman, ABP, uni/ 2 pt, pno, opt fl (E)

      Anthems for Youth Choirs for the Time after Pentecost

        Trinity Sunday

        • “Lord, Here Am I,” John Ness Beck, BP, 2 pt, pno (E)

        Sundays after Pentecost

        • “Over My Head,” Adam and Matt Podd, Podd Brothers Music, SAB, pno, perc (E)
        • “Round of Thanks,” Donald Moore, ALF, 2 pt, pno (E)
        • “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing,” Joe Cox, CGA, SAB, pno (ME)
        • “Amazing Grace,” Jay Althouse, ALF, SAB, pno (E)
        • “They’ll Know We Are Christians,” Lloyd Larson, LOR, 2 pt, pno, perc (E)
        • “Siyahamba,” Victor C. Johnson, ALF, 3 pt, pno, perc (ME)
        • “The Gift of Love,” Hal H. Hopson, HOPE, SAB, pno (E)
        • “All Things Bright and Beautiful,” Robert Lau, MSM, SAB, pno (ME)
        • “Guide My Feet,” John Carter, HOPE, SAB, pno (ME)
        • “Halle, Halle, Halle,” Hal Hopson, HOPE, SAB, pno, perc (ME)
        • “Bwana Asifiwe,” Mark Burrows, CGA, SATB, pno, perc (ME)

        Reformation Sunday

        • “Upon This Rock,” Pepper Choplin, LOR, SAB, perc (ME)
        • “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God,” Kyle Pederson, GMC, SATB, pno, gtr (ME)

        All Saintsʼ Day

        • “Give Me Jesus,” Mark Patterson, CGA, SATB, pno (ME)
        • “Into the World of Light,” Tom Shelton and Camilla Pruitt, CGA, SAB, pno, vln, vc (ME)

        Piano Music for the Time after Pentecost

        • “10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord),” Piano Solos of Praise Favorites, Jan Sanborn, ALF (MA)
        • “A Mighty Fortress,” EIN FESTE BURG, I Have Heard You Calling in the Night, Matt Limbaugh, HOPE (A)
        • “All Creatures of Our God and King,” LASST UNS ERFREUEN, Hymns for a Jazzy Sunday Morning, Larry Shackley, ALF (A)
        • “Going Home,” NEW WORLD, Gospel Gold, Joseph Martin, SHAW (MA)
        • “Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty,” NICEA, The Essential Collection for the Church Pianist, Lloyd Larson, HOPE (MA)
        • “Let Us Talents and Tongues Employ,” LINSTEAD, The Essential Collection for the Church Pianist, John Carter, HOPE (M)
        • “Morning Has Broken,” BUNESSAN, In the Light of His Glory, Martha Mier, ALF (M)
        • “O Worship the King,” LYONS, Worship the King, Sheldon Ridge Love, SFP (MA)
        • “Once to Every Man and Nation (Inspired by Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7),” EBENEZER, Symphonic Hymns for Piano, Phillip Keveren, HAL (M)
        • “Sent Forth by God’s Blessing,” ASH GROVE, With Praise and Thanks, Eugénie Rocherolle, ALF (M)
        • “This Is My Father’s World,” TERRA BEATA, A Time for Giving, Roger Summers, LOR (ME)
        • “Trusting Jesus,” TRUSTING JESUS, He Leadeth Me, Michael Wilson, LOR (M)
        • “We Gather, We Praise,” KRESMER/ WIE LIEBLICH IS DER MAIEN, Prayludes for Autumn, Ruth Elaine Schram, LOR (ME)
        • “When Morning Gilds the Skies,” LAUDES DOMINI, Hymn Tunes A to Z, Lloyd Larson, LOR (M)

        Vocal Solos for the Time after Pentecost

        • “An Infant Raised by Thy Command,” Saul, G. F. Handel, BV, sop (A)
        • “I Know De Lord’s Laid His Hands on Me,” The Spirituals of Harry T. Burleigh, Harry T. Burleigh, BMP (M)
        • “The King of Love My Shepherd Is,” Sacred Solos of Dan Forrest, Dan Forrest, BP (MA)
        • “The Lord’s My Shepherd,” Oxford Solo Song Sacred, Bob Chilcott, OUP (M)
        • “Let Us Break Bread Together,” The Deep River Collection, Moses Hogan, HAL (A)
        • “David Mourns for Absalom,” David Diamond, SMP (A)
        • “Simple Gifts,” Folk Songs for Solo Singers, vol. 2, Mark Hayes, HAL (ME)
        • “Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray,” The Spirituals of Harry T. Burleigh, Harry T. Burleigh, BMP (M)
        • “Nobody Knows De Trouble I’ve Seen,” The Spirituals of Harry T. Burleigh, Harry T. Burleigh, BMP (M)
        • “Shall We Gather at the River,” Donald Busarow, MSM, fl (ME)
        • “At the River,” Old American Songs, Set 2, Aaron Copeland, HAL (MA)
        • “Entreat Me Not to Leave Thee,” Songs Sacred and Secular by Charles Gounod, Charles Gounod, GSH (MA)
        • “Sing unto the Lord,” The Soloist’s Practical Library of Sacred Songs, G. F. Handel, CF (ME)
        • “Be Thou My Vision,” . . . Still All My Song Shall Be: A Collection of Heartsongs, Tom Trenney, MSM, vln or viola (M)

        Gloria Vasquez
        Onion skins, dried tree limbs, scrap aluminum, resin
        Pete Duvall, photographer

        CASCARAS (Spanish for onion skins) is an homage to Pablo Neruda’s “Ode to the Onion.” The piece exudes a new appreciation for commonplace discarded items.

        Gloria Vasquez