The Season of Easter – Music – 58.1

These music suggestions are appropriate for use throughout the season of Easter and may be repeated from week to week.

Congregational Song in Easter

These songs might be used in different ways within a Confession-Pardon liturgy, as part of the Call to Confession or the Prayer of Confession, or as a bridge from Confession to Pardon.

Confession and Pardon

  • Alleluia GTG 586, 587, 588, 589

  • Be Not Afraid GTG 243

  • Bless the Lord GTG 544

  • El Señor es mi pastor / The Lord Is My Shepherd SSS 294

  • Halle, Halle, Hallelujah! GTG 591

  • Hallelujah GTG 590

  • Heaven Is Singing for Joy / El cielo canta alegría GTG 382, SSS 13

  • I Depend upon Your Faithfulness / Tu fidelidad GTG 831, SSS 40

  • In the Lord I’ll Be Ever Thankful GTG 654, SSS 316

  • La paz del Señor / The Peace of the Lord SSS 194

  • Yes, Lord AAHH 667

Prayer for Illumination

  • ¡Aleluya! Señor, ¿a quién iremos? / Alleluia! To Whom Shall We Go, Lord? SSS 548

  • Listen, God Is Calling GTG 456

  • There’s a Sweet, Sweet Spirit (stanza 1) GTG 408, AAHH 326

Anthems for Children’s Choirs in Easter

  • “Alleluia! Sing, Christ Is Risen,” Terry D. Taylor, CGA, uni, pno, opt hb/hc (E)

  • “Did I Hear You Say?” Don Schlosser, CGA, uni, keybd, opt fl, opt drum (ME)

  • “Sing Out with Joy,” Mark Patterson, CGA, uni/2 pt, pno, opt fc, opt claves (ME)

  • “The Whole World Sings Alleluia,” Wayne Wold, CGA, uni, keybd (E)

  • “This Is the Day,” Ken Berg, Celebrating Grace Inc., uni, opt 2 pt, opt desc, opt perc, keybd (M)

  • “Come, Christians, Join to Sing,” Dave and Jean Perry, ALF, uni, 2 pt, keybd (ME)

  • “Come with a Grateful Heart,” Lynn S. Bailey and Becki S. Mayo, CGA, uni, pno, opt fl, opt rhythm inst (E)

  • “Gentle Shepherd, Kind and True,” Hal H. Hopson, CGA, uni, pno, opt hb (E)

  • “God So Loved the World,” John D. Horman, uni/2 pt, pno, opt fl, opt vln (M)

  • “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee,” Ludwig Beethoven, arr. Craig Curry, CGA, uni/2 pt, pno (ME)

  • “Jubilate Deo,” Michael Bedford, CGA, uni, pno (ME)

  • “The Lord Is Like a Shepherd,” Sue Ellen Page, HIN, uni, fl, keybd (ME)

  • “Ubi Caritas,” Becki Slagle Mayo, CGA, uni/2 pt, pno, opt oboe (ME)

  • “Come, Holy Spirit, Come,” Seven Songs for the Church Year, Michael Bedford, CGA, uni, keybd, opt hb (E)

  • “Pentecost Fire,” Jayne Southwick Cool, CGA, uni, opt perc, pno (ME)

  • “Sing When the Spirit Says Sing,” Katy Strand, CGA, 2 pt, pno, opt solo (M)

  • “Spirit, Come Down,” Children Sing with Instruments, Mark Patterson, AF, uni, pno (E)

      Anthems for Youth Choirs in Easter

      • “This Joyful Eastertide,” Jim Taylor, CGA, uni/2 pt, pno (E)

      • “Ride On, King Jesus,” Philip Kern, SHAW, SATB, pno (M)

      • “Let There Be Light,” Thomas Keesecker, MSM, pno (M)

      • “Ring the Easter Bells,” Joseph Martin, JM, SAB, pno, opt hb (E)

      • “An Easter Carol,” Ephrem Feeley, GIA, SATB, pno, opt vln (M)

      • “Christ Arose!” Lloyd Larson, BP, SATB, pno (MA)

      • “Hallelujah! Resurrection Day!” Larry Shackley, LOR, SAB, pno (M)

      • “Celebrate Jesus! He’s Alive!” Lynn Shaw Bailey, SHAW, uni/2 pt, pno, opt glock or hb (E)

      • “All Glory, Laud and Honor,” Mary Kay Beall, HOPE, 2 pt, pno (ME)

      • “Easter Is Here,” Jon Paige, SHAW, SAB, pno (ME)

          Handbell Music in Easter

          • “Jubilation,” Mary Kay Parrish, 3–5 oct, Agape, 2184, Level 3+

          • “How Firm a Foundation,” arr. Brian Childers, 4–6 oct, BP, HB513, Level 3

          • “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing,” Bish/Thompson, 4–5 oct, FB, FBBG0798, Level 3

          • “Crown Him with Many Crowns,” arr. Brenda Austin, 3–6 oct, LOR, 201863SF, Level 2

          • “Joyful, Joyful,” arr. Cynthia Dobrinski, 3–5 oct, Agape, #2752, Level 3-

          • “As the Wind Song,” arr. Carol Lynn Mizell, 3–6 oct, CGA, CGB836, Level 3

          • “Allegro Spiritoso,” Greg Underwood, 2–5 oct, AGEHR, AG35261, Level 3

              Vocal Solos in Easter

              • “I Will Rise,” Chris Tomlin, (M)

              • “We Walk by Faith,” Sing Praise, Karen Marrolli, MSM (ME)

              • “How Can I Keep from Singing,” Sing Praise, Alfred Fedak, MSM (E)

              • “O Redeemed,” O Redeemed, Uzee Brown Jr., LOR (MA)

              • “Maya’s Prayer for Peace,” Still All My Song Shall Be, Tom Trenney, MSM (M)

              • “Like Him We Rise,” Still All My Song Shall Be, Tom Trenney, MSM (MA)

              • “Make a Joyful Noise,” Seven Psalms and Spiritual Songs, Mark Hayes, ALF (M)

              • “The King of Love My Shepherd Is,” Hymn Settings of John Ness Beck, John Ness Beck, BP (E)

              • “You Raise Me Up,” Brendan Graham and Rolf Lovland, (M)

              • “Give Me Jesus,” The Deep River Collection, Moses Hogan, HAL (M)

              • “Mein gläubiges Herze [My Heart Ever Faithful],” Cantata BWV 68: Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt, J. S. Bach, soprano, BV (A) 

              • “The Gift of Love,” Hal Hopson, HOPE (ME)

              • “Like the Murmur of the Dove’s Song,” Sing Praise, Michael Burkhardt, MSM (E)

              • “Holy Spirit, Living Breath of God,” Stuart Townend and Keith Getty, (ME)

              • “Wohl euch, ihr auserwählten Seelen,” Cantata BWV 34: O ewiges Feuer, J. S. Bach, alto, BV (A) 

              • “I Feel the Spirit Moving,” Ten Spirituals for Solo Voice, Mark Hayes, ALF (M)

              • “The Lone Wild Bird,” Sacred Songs, vol. 2, Gwyneth Walker, ECS (ME)