The Season of Easter – Music – 57.1

These hymns and songs are appropriate for use throughout the Season of Easter and may be repeated from week to week. Songs with refrains might be sung refrain only, or stanzas might be used week to week either sequentially or cumulatively.

These songs might be used in different ways within a Confession-Pardon liturgy, as part of the Call to Confession, the Prayer of Confession, or as a bridge from Confession to Pardon.

Congregational Song in Easter

Confession and Pardon

  • Alleluia GTG 586, 587, 588, 589
  • Be Not Afraid GTG 243
  • Bless the Lord GTG 544
  • El Señor es mi pastor/The Lord Is My Shepherd, SSS 294
  • Halle, Halle, Hallelujah! GTG 591
  • Hallelujah GTG 590
  • Heaven Is Singing for Joy/El cielo canta alegría GTG 382; SSS 13
  • I Depend upon Your Faithfulness/Tu fidelidad GTG 831; SSS 40
  • In the Lord I’ll Be Ever Thankful GTG 654; SSS 316
  • La paz del Señor/The Peace of the Lord SSS 194
  • Yes, Lord AAHH 667

Prayer for Illumination

  • ¡Aleluya! Señor, ¿a quién iremos?/Alleluia! To Whom Shall We Go, Lord? SSS 548
  • Listen, God Is Calling GTG 456
  • There’s a Sweet, Sweet Spirit (stanza 1) GTG 408; AAHH 326

Anthems for Children’s Choirs in Easter

Resurrection of the Lord

  • “Alleluia,” Charles Callahan, MSM, 3 pt, pno (A)
  • “An Easter Song of Praise,” A. Steven Taranto, CGA, uni/ 2 pt, pno (ME)
  • “Come, Sing a Joyful Alleluia!” Dan R. Edwards, CGA, uni/ 2 pt, pno (M)
  • “Easter Proclamation,” John A. Behnke, CON, 2 pt, pno, opt hb or hc (MA)
  • “Jesus Lives!” Margaret R. Tucker, CGA, uni, pno, opt xyl, hb, hc (E)
  • “Sing Alleluia to the Lord,” Terry D. Taylor, CGA, uni, pno, opt hb or hc (E)
  • “That Easter Day with Joy Was Bright,” John Ferguson, CGA, uni/ 2 pt, org, opt fc (ME)
  • “The Lord Is Risen! (He Is Risen Indeed!)” Helen Kemp, CGA, uni, pno, opt hc (E)

Easter Season

  • “All Things Bright and Beautiful,” Vicki Hancock Wright, CGA, uni, pno, opt hb or hc (E)
  • “All Things Work Together for Good,” Lynn Shaw Bailey, CGA, uni, pno, opt fl (ME)
  • “God of All Creation,” Erik Whitehill, CGA, uni/ 2 pt, pno, opt fl and fc (ME)
  • “God, You Enfold Me,” Hal Hopson, CGA, uni/ 2 pt, pno (ME)
  • “In a Mother’s Heart,” Thomas Keesecker, CGA, uni/ 2 pt, pno, opt vln (M)
  • “This Is the Day,” Cindy Berry, HF, uni/ 2 pt, pno (E)

Anthems for Youth Choirs in Easter

Resurrection of the Lord / Season of Easter

  • “Stay With Us,” Michael John Trotta, Hampton Roads Music Group, LLC, SAB, keybd, hb (E)
  • “Alleluia, Alleluia! Hearts to Heaven,” Jason A. Heald, AF, SAB, pno, tpt (ME)
  • “Ride On, King Jesus,” Philip Kern, SHAW, SATB, pno (M)
  • “Sing Hallelujah!” Mark Burrows, CGA, 2 pt, pno (ME)


  • “African Spirit Song,” Victor Johnson, SHAW, SATB, acap, perc (M)
  • “Holy Spirit, Come,” Douglas Nolan, SHAW, SAB, pno (ME)
  • “On the Day of Pentecost,” Douglas Nolan, SHAW, 2 pt, pno (ME)

Piano Music in Easter

  • “Because He Lives,” RESURRECTION, Gospel Greats, Phillip Keveren, HAL (MA)
  • “Christ Arose,” CHRIST AROSE, Crucified and Triumphant King! Cindy Berry, LOR (M)
  • “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today,” EASTER HYMN, Symphonic Hymns for Piano, Phillip Keveren, HAL (M)
  • “Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise,” LLANFAIR, What Can I Play on Sunday, Book 3, Cindy Berry, ALF (M)
  • “Hymn of Promise,” PROMISE, Today’s Hymns and Songs for Piano, John Carter, HOPE (M)
  • “I Will Rise,” Wondrous Praise, James Koerts, ALF (M)
  • “Jesus Lives, and So Shall I,” ZUVERSICHT, Hymn Tunes A to Z, Larry Shackley, LOR (M)
  • “Look, Ye Saints! The Sight Is Glorious,” BRYN CALFARIA, Morning Has Broken, Penny Rodriguez, LOR (M)
  • “Morning Has Broken,” BUNESSAN, Glad Hymns of Praise, Lloyd Larson, LOR (MA)
  • “Oh Happy Day,” Jazzy Hymns and Spirituals, Paul Johnston, ALF (A)
  • “Shine, Jesus, Shine,” SHINE, JESUS, SHINE, Big Purple Book of Praise & Worship Piano Solos, Carol Tornquist, WORD (M)
  • “The Day of Resurrection,” LANCASHIRE, Sunday Morning Holiday Companion, Victor Labenske, ALF (M)

Vocal Solos in Easter

  • “Jesus Died on Calvary’s Mountain,” New Songs of Gladness: Vocal Solos for Worship, K. Lee Scott, AF (ME)
  • “Osterlied,” Sacred Songs for the Soloist, Edvard Grieg (MA)
  • “All Good Gifts,” Godspell, Stephen Schwartz, HAL (E)
  • “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands,” The Deep River Collection, Moses Hogan, HAL (ME)
  • “All Because of God’s Amazing Grace,” The Southern Gospel Song Book, Mosie Lister, Brentwood-Benson Press (E)
  • “By the Grace of the Spirit,” Oxford Solo Songs: Sacred, Andrew Gant, OUP (MA)
  • “Rise Now, My Heart, with Gladness,” New Songs of Gladness, Vocal Solos for Worship, Johann Crüger/J. S. Bach, AF (M)
  • “Regina Coeli,” Sacred Songs for the Soloist, Josef Rheinberger, BH (MA)
  • “Laudamus te,” Mass in C Minor, K. 427, W. A. Mozart, BV, sop (A)
  • “The Trumpet Shall Sound,” Messiah, G. F. Handel, NOV, bass (A)
  • “I Shall Not Be Moved,”, traditional, variety (E)
  • “Not Lucky, I’m Loved,”, Jonathon McReynolds, variety (M)

Gloria Vasquez
White plastic trash bags, resin
Pete Duvall, photographer

This piece embodies purity in its minimalism, geometric design, and color.
The simplicity elevates the identity of the trash bags.

Gloria Vasquez