The Season of Easter – Liturgical Text – 57.1

These liturgical texts are appropriate for use throughout the Season of Easter and may be repeated from week to week.

Confession and Lament Sequences

Even in the joy of resurrection,
we do not forget the anguish of our sins.
We pray together in confession and lament:

Risen One,
we confess our silence amid the persecution of others,
silence that has often complied with oppression and brought harm.
What can we do to eradicate poverty, hunger, and homelessness?
Help us to hear your voice above all others,
and teach us how to care for our neighbor,
feed the hungry,
and clothe and care for those in need,
for as we do these things unto one another,
we do them also unto you.

In joy of resurrection,
we claim the victory of Christ
over the power of sin.
God has rolled away the stone
to reveal our salvation.
We look inside the tomb,
and where Jesus once lay lifeless,
we find the gifts of God’s grace and forgiveness.
Go and tell the world!
In Christ we are forgiven.

With contrite hearts, we humbly ask Jesus to hear our prayer of confession, praying together,

Saving God,
we are in awe of the power of resurrection,
and we give you glory with our hallelujahs,
but we carry lingering doubts
about your saving power in our lives.
We ask why you do not answer our prayers quickly enough.
We demand signs to prove the reality of your promises.
Sometimes we find ourselves wondering
when you will show up to ease our pain.
We pray now that you will help us
in our impatience and unbelief.
Forgive us and free us to recognize your presence.

The promise of Christ is sure,
even in our moments of doubt.
He shows up and says, “Peace be with you.”
Hold on to this peace,
for in it is the loving forgiveness of our doubts.
May the blessing pour from our lips
when we remember this peace,
and may we exclaim, “My Lord and my God!”

Invitation to Discipleship

How good it is to celebrate new life this Easter season.
The call to follow Jesus in this new life may be on our hearts.
We are invited now to answer this call.
He rose to bring us along on the road of salvation.
He calls to us here, saying,
“Come and follow me.”
By the Spirit we are led into a new season,
into a new beginning with Christ.
Let us step into joy, the joy of following Jesus.
Hallelujah, for the call of Jesus
is the power of life everlasting.

The peace of Jesus Christ is for you today.
Won’t you come and follow?
Is your heart asking,
“Jesus, is it me you are calling?”
The answer is yes;
Jesus died to bring the promise of life.
Together we accompany one another
as we follow him.
You are the one Jesus is waiting for.
He’s been waiting for you all your life.
By the Spirit we pray for transformed life
and walk through the door to discipleship.
Come to Jesus today
and go out into the world to follow.
Bless you in the name of Christ!