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An Invitation to the Table

Sudie Niesen Thompson

Sudie Niesen Thompson is the associate pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, Delaware, and served as the liturgist at the 2022 Presbyterian Association of Musicians Worship & Music Conference.

Spoken from the table in Anderson Auditorium at Wednesday’s worship service, Presbyterian Association of Musicians Worship & Music Conference, 2022

The One who leads us beside still waters
and shepherds us through shadowed valleys
has brought us to the table of grace.
Look—in the eating place, there is manna from heaven;
in the drinking place—an overflowing cup!
Look—the table is set, your place is prepared;
our host welcomes us into the house of the Lord.

So—whether you feel at home in God’s house,
or you are a stranger passing by—
come; there is a place prepared for you.

Whether you gather among friends,
or find yourself surrounded by faces unknown—
come, there is a place prepared for you.

If you—like the wilderness wanderers—know hunger and thirst;
if you—like travelers on the Emmaus road—know heartache and longing;
if you—like the pilgrims of ages past—seek the presence of our Lord—
come. Take your place. Breathe in the peace of this moment.
Taste and see the grace eternal; taste and see that God is good.


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